Karen Macdonald Grad Dip OSH, GradNZISM

Health and Safety Professional
HSNZ Protect
Auckland Region


An experienced H&S professional with knowledge of a diverse range of industries, in supermarkets, construction, transport and electrical companies. I am now consulting with HSNZ Protect and using all the skills I have learnt and embrace new challenges 

My key responsibilities have been to maintain compliance. I have raised the company from Sitewise Green to Gold. Aotea achieved a second place with ETCO for Health and safety wellbeing.The company has installed a new Health and Safety system which is working well. I have been responsible for ensuring all training is kept up to date and PPE is for purpose and available to all the teams on commercial constructions sites. I have had some input into the Site Specific Safety Plans. I have worked with Safety n Action to ensure our teams on site are using their skill and have the right equipment when working at height doing Stadium lighting in Auckland.


Two years at Auckland Transport working with the Service Delivery part of the business. This involved doing several workshops and bow ties in relation to Violence and Aggression and assault towards team members in the compliance section. 

The past two years have been with Aotea Electrical Auckland Ltd, a commercial electrical company. This has been a different challenge with more administration, training, compliance and sub contractor management.


I enjoy working with people and helping them to change the culture of the teams around them. It is very satisfying to go back and see practices put in place for the safety of others. I have team members come and show me how they do their work now and how proud and comfortable they feel doing their tasks knowing they are a lot safer now. I enjoyed the interaction with colleges, teams and PCBUs that I have collectively worked with. 


Health and Safety Advisor Countdown Supermarkets April 2016- Now. Key responsibilities have been to guide line management in shaping the most appropriate Health and Safety Strategies. Research and assess risks and provide the business with information to make tactical decisions. Support and guide the business in a practical manner in line with strategy and business objectives. Provide a single point of contact for the operations teams. Critical Risk has been undertaken by the business from a Woolworths level using Bowtie method.  I have been involved with a team of four senior managers to ensure all 187 stores were visited and strategy plans put in place for each critical risk nationally. This project was based on, hit by moving vehicle, electricity, fall from height (people or infrastructure) and armed robbery as being the four recognised critical risks for this business. My achievements over the past sixteen months have been varied they include:

● Duty Holder Review of incident in loading dock for Worksafe

● Unit Standard 17595 Contractor Management

● Graduate Status with NZISM

● People Skills for Leadership Course (in house)

● ICAM investigations

● Critical risk Project to ensure all 187 stores were visited in a four month period

● Critical risk Management of Actions complied and work toward completion, interacting with property and maintenance teams to ensure this was carried out to a consistent standard.

● Working with PCBU as property owners, Westfields, Local Councils, and Worksafe to ensure the safe passage of people and public while loading and unloading stock in the rear docks, carparks and on the road.

● Creating Traffic Management Plans for vehicles delivering to all sites.

● Interacting with store teams to create exclusion zones when working with MHE's and encouraging the in store teams to develop written plans for the stores to work to

● Raising the business awareness of rear store racking and storage of stock at height

● Using Google Drive as a communication tool

● Seven weeks secondment in the distribution centre. This gave me a greater understanding of the logistics, risks and practices in place in a 24 hour, seven day week operation.

● Understanding fatigue and how it can create health and safety issues. Working for this company has given me a wide knowledge base and understanding of the logistics and communication required to work with a business that is spread all over New Zealand.

HASANZ Registered
  • New Zealand Institute of Safety Management
  • Mates in Construction
    St Johns First Aid Level 1 & AED Training
    ISO45003 Manage Psychological Health
    ICAM Principal Investigator Training
    SAI Global Internal Auditor Training
    Nga Kete Kiwai AT Introductory Maori Learning Program
    Bow Tie Facilitation
  • Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Level 6 - 2015:
    Unit Standard 5616 Develop and implement a hazard management system for a selected business operation
    Unit Standard 5619 Assist in evaluation occupational health and safety standards and practice
    Unit Standard 5615 Develop systems for occupational health and safety management practice
    Unit Standard 5621 Plan and evaluate programmes to promote occupational health and safety practice
    Unit Standard 5617 Facilitate hazard management in
My Skills and Experience