Everyone who applies to list on the HASANZ Register must fill in an online application form and upload evidence to demonstrate they meet the required registration standard. Each HASANZ member association has its own specific registration standard.

This page gives guidance for IOP members.  Other information can also be found on IOP's website

If you have any questions about these requirements, please contact  [email protected].



For a Chartered Member of the Institute of Organisational Psychology to be listed on the HASANZ register, applicants must:

  • Have completed a master’s degree in organisational psychology and have been assessed as competent in their practice through the completion of a post graduate diploma in organisational psychology or through a recognised Psychologists Board accreditation process.
  • Be a current, Chartered member of the Institute of Organisational Psychology.
  • Be covered by appropriate professional indemnity, public liability and statutory liability insurance.
  • Continue with ongoing professional development with an individual plan, that includes self-reflection and actions to develop areas identified. This plan must be signed off by the persons supervisor when the plan is established and completed.  Members cannot practice in areas they are not competent in. Where a member wants to practice in a new area, they would be expected to have a development plan and be supervised in their practice in that area.
  • All members to act in line with the prevailing Code of Ethics.


Professional details

 Applicants must enter:

  • their association name, their NZPsS membership number (with the letters IOP in front) and their occupation/profession.
  • details of their qualifications and any other professional memberships that they hold, and upload evidence of these.


Evidence requirements

Applicants to the Institute of Organisational Psychology must provide documentary evidence of their qualifications when they apply to join. The Institute verifies qualifications on University’s websites and the Psychologist Board website, or through NZQA for international qualifications.

Other memberships: Please upload copies of any current certificates, membership cards, or other identifying documentation as issued by any such associations.


Insurance coverage

The New Zealand Psychological Society provides professional, public and statutory liability insurance for members through a discounted scheme provided by Anon.

The application will require Chartered members to provide a certificate of insurance for public and professional liability.

Evidence requirements

Applicants must declare in the application that they currently hold all the necessary insurance requirements.

Service offering

Applicants can select the industries they have experience working in, the locations they can offer service in, and the sizes of business they have experience working with.

Applicants must then select at least one option from any one of the four lists of register categories to indicate their service offering - the services they provide, or the subject matter experience they have. The four options are: general services, specialist services, specific injury or illness experience, specific subject matter experience (area of concern). Applicants must upload evidence for each category they select, according to the requirements of their member association.

Evidence requirements

For core subjects (a list of which is available at no additional evidence will be required, simply upload a copy of your IOP membership certificate. Members are reminded that they should only select those core subjects which they have the relevant knowledge, experience in and can currently provide a service for.

For any areas outside of the core disciplines, please provide additional evidence of your competency/knowledge in the form of course certificates, attendance records, Personal Learning Portfolio, Reports or as specified in the Register Competency Standards. All evidence will be treated in strictest confidence and redacted reports are acceptable.