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Everyone who applies to list on the HASANZ Register must fill in an online application form and upload evidence to demonstrate they meet the required registration standard. Each HASANZ member association has its own specific registration standard.

This page gives guidance for New Zealand Safety Council members.

If you have any questions about these requirements, please contact: Toniette Salt on [email protected]


Professional details

Applicants must enter:

  • their association name, their association membership number and their occupation/profession.
  • details of their qualifications and any other professional memberships that they hold, and upload evidence of these.

NZSC members can find their membership number by logging into the members section of the NZSC website.

  • Choose ‘Health and Safety Practitioner’ as your profession if you are accredited at Registered Management Consultant (RMC) level
  • Choose ‘Health and Safety Professional’ as your profession if you  are accredited at Associate Safety Professional (ASP) level or Registered Safety Professional (RSP) level

Evidence requirements

Please provide evidence of your qualifications by uploading either:

  • Copy of Certificate (preferred)
  • Copy of official signed transcript noting qualification has been achieved

Please provide evidence of your other professional memberships by uploading either:

  • Current membership certificate or card showing organisation name, member name, membership number and expiry date; or
  • Current annual practising certificate

Insurance coverage

All applicants must confirm that the work they do is covered by professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance and upload evidence of this. Statutory liability insurance is recommended but not mandatory.

Evidence requirements

Consultants only: Please provide a copy of certificate of currency from insurer showing cover for professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance.

It is expected that In-house health and safety advisers/ managers will be covered by their employers’ insurance – please check with your employer if you are in doubt about being covered before applying.

Service offering

Applicants can select the industries they have experience working in, the locations they can offer service in, and the sizes of business they have experience working with.

Applicants must then select at least one option from any one of the four lists of register categories (i.e. you only need to select a minimum of one option from the entire four lists) to indicate their service offering - the services they provide, or the subject matter experience they have. The four options are: general services, specialist services, specific injury or illness experience, specific subject matter experience (area of concern). Applicants must upload evidence for each category they select, according to the requirements of their member association.

We have endeavoured to make it easier for you to select the correct competencies by detailing each competency and its requirements in the NZSC criteria documents. By meeting NZSC, ASP or above grading, we have determined that you have already met some competencies, and these are identified as being General in the General or Specialist column, and Yes in the Meet Competency Standard Via Qualifications column. You may select all of these competencies without requiring supporting documentation or evidence.

However, for all other competencies that you select you must provide evidence, the details of which are set out in the columns titled Competency Examples, or Verification Evidence. To ensure a speedy assessment, please only provide the information requested. If additional material is needed you will be contacted by the assessment panel.

Evidence requirements

PLEASE NOTE: only upload relevant qualifications or evidence specified in the NZSC criteria documents. If additional material is needed you will be contacted to provide it.

The following should be submitted for subjects noted by NZSC as requiring evidence in the specialty:

  • Subject-specific training and/or evidence of work experience in the specialty area; or
  • Testimonials from clients/employer related to work the applicant has done in the specialty area.