Registration standards

To be eligible to list on the HASANZ Register, applicants must belong to a HASANZ member association and meet their registration standard.


The registration standard comprises the requirements to list on the HASANZ Register as a workplace health and safety professional. These requirements cover:

  • qualifications
  • experience
  • continuing professional development
  • ethics
  • good character and
  • insurance.

They include application requirements (which need to be met by individuals at the time of applying) and ongoing requirements (which need to be met on an ongoing basis to maintain HASANZ registration).

Registration standards are particular to each member association, recognising that the knowledge and skills of its members are distinct from those offered by other professions. Applicants for the HASANZ Register should first talk to their member association about the process for achieving the required standard.

The HASANZ Governance Group, including representatives of all of our member associations, has jointly agreed a common framework for registration standards. However, the diversity of professions means we can't have a “one size fits all” approach to measuring competence. Within the common framework, each Full Member association has determined a registration standard that specifies the particular level of qualifications, experience, continuing professional development, ethics, good character and insurance that is required for an individual member of their association to list on the HASANZ Register. These requirements are jointly reviewed and approved by the HASANZ Governance Group.

For quality assurance, HASANZ has checked that our associations with Full Membership have suitable systems and processes in place to assess the competence of their members, manage complaints and take required disciplinary action when things go wrong.

All of these measures together ensure a consistent approach to registration standards across member associations.

Registration standards for HASANZ member associations