Everyone who applies to list on the HASANZ Register must fill in an online application form and upload evidence to demonstrate they meet the required registration standard. Each HASANZ member association has its own specific registration standard.

This page gives guidance for OTNZ-WNA members.  Other information can also be found on OTNZ-WNA's website.

If you have any questions about these requirements, please contact one of the following: 

[email protected][email protected] or Randa Abbasi [email protected].

Professional details

Applicants must enter:

  • their association name, their association membership number and their occupation/profession.
  • details of their qualifications and any other professional memberships that they hold, and upload evidence of these.

Evidence requirements

Please provide:

  1. evidence of OTNZ-WNA Membership
  2. a copy of your OTBNZ Annual Practising Certificate
  3. an Academic Transcript for proof of appropriate qualification as an OT as well as completed post graduate training (minimum of 60 points) in area related to Vocational Rehab/Health and Safety
  4. a CV that specifies years of experience in: Vocational Rehabilitation Physical, Mental Health and Addictions; Injury Prevention; Early Intervention; Work-related Environmental Assessments and Equipment/Environment modifications/accommodations (ergonomic); Training and specific areas; Health and Wellness including Mental Health and Addictions; and Health and Safety. Please add to the bottom of your CV: “This is a true and accurate record of the services, tasks and years of experience in the areas outlined in my CV”
  5. if completing jobs that have regulatory requirements (e.g., driving assessments, hearing, drug and alcohol testing), proof of this training is required
  6. evidence of membership of the OTNZ-WNA Special Interest Group for Vocational Rehabilitation and Occupational Health & Safety
  7. evidence of 15 hours per annum professional development in Occupational Health & Safety or Vocational Rehabilitation from e-portfolio - profile assessors have no access to this.


HASANZ OT Competency Guide for Registration February 2021

Insurance coverage

All applicants must confirm that the work they do is covered by professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance and upload evidence of this. Statutory liability insurance is recommended but not mandatory.

Evidence requirements

  1. Occupational Therapists must have professional indemnity and public liability insurance, and it is recommended that you hold statutory liability insurance. Please provide a receipt/proof of professional indemnity/public liability/statutory liability insurance if applicable, whether it be through the Association’s insurance provider or other.

Service offering

Applicants can select the industries they have experience working in, the locations they can offer service in, and the sizes of business they have experience working with.

Applicants must then select at least one option from any one of the four lists of register categories to indicate their service offering - the services they provide, or the subject matter experience they have. The four options are: general services, specialist services, specific injury or illness experience, specific subject matter experience (area of concern). Applicants must upload evidence for each category they select, according to the requirements of their member association.

Evidence requirements

  1. Occupational Therapists must have a minimum of 3 years' experience and have a supervisor with a minimum of 7 years' experience in occupational health and safety and vocational rehabilitation. Please provide a curriculum vitae with at least one current reference or samples of relevant professional endorsement as proof of work experience.
  2. Please note: If you wish to add a service not listed on HASANZ for Occupational Therapists, you will need to make a case for this by:
    • providing evidence (see no. 2 and 5 under professional details above)
    • obtaining a supporting letter from a recognised ‘expert’ who can testify to your competence in the specialist service you wish to supply. This is in addition to number 1 above.