Maria-Catherine Roache ProfNZISM, B.HlthSc - OSH

Health and Safety Professional
MCD Environmental & OHS Services Ltd
Auckland Region


I am a health and safety professional and have held safety positions in civil construction and public sector education.  With a background of over 20 years’ experience in farming business management, the move to Health and Safety made sense, having been exposed to high risk working environments and seeing potential for where I could act as a change agent to create improved safety culture and operation, not only in agriculture but across a range of industries.

My role is to advise, support, guide and enable businesses to grow and improve safety culture and performance continually. Often, complex information needs to be delivered to groups with varying levels of responsibility. A broad range of experiences has enabled me to engage with people of various backgrounds and I deliver clearly and to the point when explaining core requirements.

I use concepts from both risk management and safety models to help businesses ensure that everyone is safe from harm. With an approach that reflects ‘all things safety’ as an ethical responsibility and not just a bureaucratic box ticking exercise, I strongly promote workforce engagement and learning. This comes from a place of not telling people what to do but instead asking what they need to be successful when explaining core requirements.

HASANZ Registered
  • New Zealand Institute of Safety Management
  • IOSH - Grad membership. (Peer review Interview 24 August 2022) if successful will be transferred to Chartered status.
  • Massey University - Bachelor of Health Science - OSH
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124 Aeroview drive
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