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Frank O'Connor, a registered psychologist since 1987, has a wealth of knowledge and experience in crafting safer workplaces. Key points highlight his expertise and practical applications:

  1. Organisational Psychologist: With a Master's degree in Psychology from Canterbury University, New Zealand, and over three decades of experience, Frank specializes in organizational psychology to get the best out of people at work, focusing on safer and more effective work at all levels. He has a track record of assisting organizations in creating healthier and more productive work environments, developed globally.
  2. Public and Private Sector Experience: Frank has worked with a wide range of organizations, including government agencies, private companies, and not-for-profit organizations, demonstrating his ability to adapt his expertise to different sectors. Frank has mentored senior staff through complex changes and disputes, emphasizing the importance of coaching and support in achieving organizational goals.
  3. Mental Safety and Health: Frank trains and coaches to help individuals and groups to manage pressures better, promoting work completion as well as productive interactions. This approach leads to improved attendance, collaboration, engagement, and productivity. He also addresses common mental and social issues such as stress, anxiety, and aggression, facilitating recovery and reintegration after crises.
  4. Strategic Advisor and Facilitator: He has experience in leadership development, conflict resolution, and strategic planning, which are essential elements for crafting safer and healthier workplaces. Frank excels in designing and delivering training programs, addressing audiences with varying levels of expertise. He is skilled in effectively conveying the benefits of proposals and requirements to diverse stakeholders.
  5. Recent Work: in his role as the National Wellbeing Lead for Fire and Emergency New Zealand, he clarified effective response options for the most severe mental safety risks affecting their 20,000 personnel. His years of involvement in the development and revision of global Standards is sought because of his focus on utility in small and large organisations, in the face of every-day and one off hazards.
  6. Professional Affiliations: His active involvement in organizations such as the New Zealand, Australian and American psychological societies shows his commitment to professional development and better practices. Frank's involvement in research programs and publications, particularly related to safety-making in high-risk workplaces, disaster response and organizational change, underscores his commitment to evidence-based practices.

In summary, extensive experience in applied psychology, whole-organization development, strategic adaptability, and change-making make Frank O'Connor as a valuable partner in crafting safer and healthier workplaces across diverse industries. His practical experience and dedication to evidence-based practices and evaluation of benefits achieved reinforce his effectiveness.



HASANZ Registered
  • NZ Institute of Organisational Psychologists
  • ● New Zealand Psychological Society since 1986.
    ● American Psychological Association - International Member
    ● International Standards Organization TC 283
  • ● 1980 Bachelor of Science, University of Canterbury
    ● 1983 Master of Science in Psychology, University of Canterbury
    ● 1985 Additional postgraduate paper in facilitating behaviour change
    ● 1987 Registered Psychologist
    ● Certified in advanced psychometric design and use, especially related to safe conduct of work, fitness for work, group abilities and processes, and coaching and motivation of work leaders
    ● Specialist in-service accreditation for training: Zenger-Miller trainer / facilitator (first certified 1993); staff development methods; performance coaching; training development & design; governance coaching
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