Steffan St Clair-Newman

Health and Safety Practitioner
Canterbury Region


I am currently working as the National Health & Safety Manager at Freshpork NZ.

Some of my skill and attributes are as follows: 

  • Health and Safety Management - I have completed a number of professional training courses within the military and externally to develop my skills within the Health and Safety environment including NZISM Graduate Member, HASANZ Registered, achieving a Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety, overseeing 120+ personnel during an average working day, completing investigations, implementing strategy and initiatives, compiling reports and providing guidance and education to team members, contractors and other external parties.

  • Skills in Writing & Presenting - I have developed my writing and presentation skills to a very high standard, and regularly apply these skills when presenting and briefing key decision makers to assist them in making critical strategical decisions. These have been very structured reports and communicated in a very precise, credible, and timely manner, I have also completed a Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety, a Diploma in Business Management, Certificate in Adult Education and LandSAR Critical Incident Management Systems.

  • Research Skills – Throughout my various previous roles, I have been required to provide highly detailed and accurate analysis and product dissemination advice.  This has involved using significant research techniques and tools, as well as understanding the protocol when approaching key sources for information. I am experienced in preparing intelligence summaries and briefs including linking information and diagrams, scanning for trends, applying critical thinking, producing reports, and providing recommendations.

  • Relationship Development Skills - I have a very high customer service ethic and have well developed skills in establishing and building rapport with key internal and external stakeholders to advise and share knowledge as required.  Also, having been deployed overseas several times, I have learnt how to adapt to new environments, think on my feet, build rapport, credibility, and trust very quickly with others.


HASANZ Registered
  • New Zealand Institute of Safety Management
  • Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety
    Diploma in Business Management
    National Certificate in Business Management
    National Certificate in Adult Education and Training
    Workplace Assessor
    - Prepare candidate(s) for assessment against standards NZQA 11281
    - Use Standards to Assess Candidate Performance NZQA 4098
My Skills and Experience

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9 Piako Drive
Canterbury 7571

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9 Piako Drive
Canterbury 7571