Lani Patchett COH

Occupational Hygienist
Paragon Health and Safety
Auckland Region


Lani Patchett is a director and principal Occupational Hygienist at Paragon.  She has over 25 years of practical experience in the occupational hygiene field.  She specialises in workplace hazard assessment, monitoring of workplaces for both physical (noise, heat, lighting), chemical (solvents, fibres, dusts, gases) and biological hazards, risk assessment and control. 

Lani is a full member of both the New Zealand Occupational Hygiene Society (NZOHS)  and the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH).


HASANZ Registered
  • New Zealand Occupational Hygiene Society
  • Full member NZOHS
    Full member AIOH
  • NZCS (Chemistry)
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PO Box 19-679
Auckland 1746