Julie Paice Grad Dip OHM, MEM

Health and Safety Practitioner
Safeworks Solutions Limited
Taranaki Region


As a dedicated health and safety professional, my experience and passion drive me to prioritize workplace safety. With expertise in compliance and risk management, I have successfully navigated diverse industries to minimize risks and ensure regulatory adherence.

What sets me apart is my practical approach to safety management and team leadership.


I strongly believe that safety is more than just following rules—it's about fostering a culture where everyone takes responsibility. By promoting open communication, engaging employees, and fostering continuous improvement, I empower individuals to actively contribute to a safer work environment.


My ultimate goal is to create thriving workplaces. I believe that a safe and healthy environment enhances productivity, satisfaction, and overall business success. By leveraging my experience and unwavering dedication, I partner with organizations to build a culture of safety that fuels growth and empowers individuals.


In addition to my expertise as a health and safety advisor, I bring a unique blend of personal experiences and passions to your organization. My rural property and horticultural background have rekindled my interest in sustainable living, which aligns with the growing demand for eco-conscious practices in today's world.


I thrive on challenges and also find fulfilment in physically demanding endeavours, which translates into my work as a health and safety advisor. I approach tasks with a tenacious attitude, seeking innovative solutions to ensure the well-being of employees and minimize occupational risks.


Traveling has been a significant part of my life, exposing me to various cultures and expanding my understanding of the world. These journeys have not only enriched my personal growth but have also given me a broader perspective that I bring to my role as a health and safety advisor. My passion for photography allows me to capture the essence of different places, showcasing my attention to detail and creative mindset.


I can bring a well-rounded perspective, adaptability, and a global mindset to your organization, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive approach to workplace safety and help build a workplace culture where employees thrive, knowing their well-being is valued and protected.

HASANZ Registered
  • New Zealand Institute of Safety Management
  • Safety Institute of Australia
  • Graduate Diploma Occupational Hazard Management (VIOSH, University of Ballarat - 2001)
    Master of Emergency Management (Charles Stuart University - 2016)
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314 Autawa Road, Tarata RD7
Taranaki 4387

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314 Autawa Road, Tarata RD7
Taranaki 4387