Rob Murray

Occupational Hygienist
Air Matters
Bay of Plenty Region


Rob Murray is an Occupational Hygienist at Air Matters, and is based in Tauranga. Rob has a background in Air Quality and has worked in stack emission testing and ambient air quality monitoring for consultancy and regulatory bodies both in New Zealand and abroad. Since 2009, Rob has been working in the field of Occupational Hygiene assessing workplaces throughout New Zealand in all sectors. 

Rob has experience in exposure assessments for particulate (wood dust, silica, diesel particulate) welding (welding fume, welding gases), solvents/organics (isocyanates, benzene, styrene, formaldehyde etc.), gases (carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, chlorine), acids (sulphuric, nitric, hydrochloric etc.), metals (chromium, lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, zinc, nickel etc.), asbestos, heat stress, noise, and microbes.

HASANZ Registered
  • New Zealand Occupational Hygiene Society
  • Member of Clean Air Society Australia and New Zealand
    Member of the British Occupational Hygiene Society
  • Bachelor of Science (University of Auckland)
    Bachelor of Arts (University of Auckland)
    Occupational Hygiene Training Association Courses:
    W501 - Measurement of Hazardous Substances
    W502 - Thermal Environment
    W503 - Noise, Measurement and Effects
    W507 - Health Effects of Hazardous Substances

My Skills and Experience

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PO Box 96 256
Auckland 1342

Street address

17 Banks Ave
Mount Maunganui
Mount Maunganui, Bay of Plenty 3116