Marius Handcock

Health and Safety Practitioner
Eastland Business Limited
Hawkes Bay Region


I work with team members to improve knowledge and safety outcomes.

I have a solid understanding of business optimisation requirements, on occasion building fit for purpose systems and processes from scratch.

I also work with PCBU on accountability & responsibility, as well as investigating ways on how an organisation can lift ongoing team performance, to help people take ownership on a personal level for them to want to improve and be all they can be.


My experience includes:

risk management,

team member training & development - (I have ATT501 / 502 of the Adult Education (Level 5) as well as other complementary Unit Standards

safety & quality management system development,

process optimisation,

retail / wholesale and production environments,

primary industry,

local government contracting,

procurement and tendering,

emergency management


safety and wellbeing.


I understand how to facilitate effective business partnerships to help business grow.

By enhancing leadership skills and improving business capability and capacity, along with team member safety behavior ownership, creating on the job upskilling and development opportunities to gain team member buy-in, I work strategically alongside people empowering what it takes to get the job done.


Experience as an educator / trainer / assessor and emergency management knowledge, has taught me what a coordinated and professional approach to problem solving looks like, by quickly understanding how to get to the source of an issue for positive efficient results, then building capability and capacity through working strategic partnerships to help empower your business develop to the next level.


I have a solid business referral base, supporting how by collaboratively and effectively working together, adding value and building solid working relationships, everyone can lift performance, whilst maintaining your market point of difference.


By understanding strategically how a business operates, builds team buy-in and drives results focused solutions.


I make opportunities to effectively engage and find out what is important to gain team member buy-in and stakeholder in a collaborative manner, to help optimise process, supporting team member safety behavior ownership, thereby disproving that old myth "you can lead a horse to water - but can't make him drink" as I understand how to make him "thirsty."

HASANZ Registered
  • New Zealand Institute of Safety Management
  • NZ Police Search and Rescue - Team Leader and Trainer / Assessor & Incident Management Team member - ID No. 5452
    The Skills Organisation - Assessor registration number #670564
    Fire and Emergency New Zealand - employee number #953025
    St John Ambulance -
  • SIT Occupational Health and Safety (Level 6) Diploma
    Massey University Certificate Paper 114:368
    National Certificate in Ambulance (Level 4)
    NZ Certificate in Electricity Supply (Level 2)
    Certificate in Process Safety (Safety Solutions)
    Managing Workplace Safety (IMPAC)
    Fit Tester (C2F08-11)
My Skills and Experience

Postal address

11 Gordon Street
Napier 4112

Street address

Eastland Business Limited
11 Gordon Street
Napier 4112