Dr Christel Fouche

Health and Safety Professional
Beacon Auditing Consulting & Training Limited
Auckland Region


I have developed a passion for health and safety since my early twenties. What drew me to this profession is the ability to make a lasting difference in this world.
Showing business leaders to commit to resource health and safety effectively can positively influence bottom-line profits.
An engaged, motivated, valued, and competent workforce drives incidents down and improves workplace culture.
Empowering management and health and safety professionals to care about their people, understand their legal obligations, and view health and safety as more than just another department or division.
By walking the talk, being involved at the work floor level, and making health and safety management systems simple and understandable for all - not just management.
What I love to do:
⭕️ Empower Health and Safety professionals to make a difference in their organisations through coaching.
⭕️ Work at board level and management to add value at strategic levels.
⭕️ Implement and audit management systems to provide opportunities for continual improvement.
⭕️ Develop career paths through conducting Health and Safety training.

I am one of only 5 Lead Auditors registered with Exemplar Global for ISO9001, 14001 and 45001 in New Zealand. I am also a contractor auditor and tutor for various certification bodies for the ISO9001, 14001, 45001 and AS/ANZ4801 standards. I also undertake corporate social responsibility (CSR) and SMETA audits.

Over the years, I have enjoyed speaking at conferences in Africa, South America and the Pacific.
My articles have been published in National Safety, Safety Management, Risk Management, Mines & Quarries, Quality World (CQI/ IRCA), SHEQ Management and other magazines.
I publish articles on my LinkedIn profile monthly.



·        IMPAC: Principle Health and Safety Consultant

-       CEO: Advantage ACT Pty Ltd

·        CEO: AGO Certification (ISO)

·        CEO: STEAM Legal Compliance Services



·        BA (Information Science) – University of South Africa; South Africa.

·        MBA (H&S) - University of Southern Queensland; Australia.

·        International Lead Auditor: ISO9001; ISO14001 & OHSAS18001/ISO 45001 (IRCA & Exemplar Global)

HASANZ Registered
  • New Zealand Institute of Safety Management
  • International Register of Certified Auditors (IRCA)
    Exemplar Global
    New Zealand Institute of Safety Management
  • BA: Bachelor of Arts
    MBA in Health and Safety
    IRCA - ISO9001; 14001 & 45001 Lead Auditor
    Exemplar Global - ISO9001; 14001 & 45001 Lead Auditor
    PhD Risk Management
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89 Naples Way
Albany Heights
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