Katie Croft

Physiotherapist – Occupational Health
Katie Croft Consulting
Canterbury Region


I am focused on improving the health of our workforce and work with many different companies providing a wide range of input based on the business and workers' needs. I have 23 years of physiotherapy experience predominantly in the musculoskeletal field (orthopaedic trauma, rheumatology, private practice based clinics) with my work being based in occupational health over the past 11 years.

I work within workplaces providing injury prevention and management physiotherapy services. Both in a regular capacity (weekly, monthly) with specific companies or on specific projects involving high-risk professions or job tasks. These range from construction retail to processing to veterinary services. The services provided are tailored to be specific to the business, workplace, and employee needs. I use wearable technology as a tool in my work which provides objective, data-based analysis and feedback to individuals and organisations.  I consider worker engagement to be a key point to ensuring the success and sustainability of interventions and focus on this as part of my consultancy work.

I also provide physiotherapy services under the ACC vocational rehabilitation contract. I believe being workplace-based and focussing on understanding the physical demand of the work, the worker, and the business, along with working with a large range of different treatment providers contributes to a safe and sustainable return to work.   I am particularly interested in helping those in the rural sector as well as building on my experience in the veterinary industry.

HASANZ Registered
  • Physiotherapy New Zealand - (Occupational Health Physiotherapy Group)
  • PNZ
    PNZ Occupational health special interest group
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy
    Post graduate cettifcate in applied practice in health (vocational rehabilitation)
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