Dr Karl Bridges BSc (Hons.) MSc PhD (Psych) CNZHFE C.ErgHF FCIEHF

Human Factors Professional
HFEx Ltd
Auckland Region


I am a certified NZ Human Factors Professional and Ergonomist in NZ, a Chartered Human Factors Professional and Fellow Member for the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF), a member of the HFESNZ (Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of New Zealand), and HFES (USA). I bring a scientific eye to safety, efficiency, and innovation through the application of human factors, which includes up to date research on human behaviour, cognition, and physiology. For example, for the purposes of accident prevention, risk management, investigation, and innovation, I would go beyond the application of policy and procedure, helping to design something that is workable, user friendly and SMART. For the purposes of capital investment of technology in the workplace, I would be working with engineers, designers, and project managers to maximise the challenges of ensuring the end user (the operators) has the best chance of using the technology to its full potential so that the project’s success can be fully realised. These examples are a few of the entire repertoire of expertise I have to offer and all under the umbrella of enhancing workplace safety, culture, and efficiency.

HASANZ Registered
  • Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of New Zealand
    Royal Society
    Society for Psychophysiological Research
  • MSc Human Factors and Safety Assessment in Aeronautics,
    BSc (Hons) Psychology,
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281 Upper Waiwera Road, RD1
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