Randa Abbasi

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I specialise in fitting workers to work (with disability, physical or mental health, or injuries) in order to access and sustain employment. The aim is to maximise employment and safety whilst ensuring optimal productivity and company contribution. 

I focus on the design of early intervention programs for clients presenting with muscle strains, pain and injuries, mental health issues and medical issues such as returning to work/maintaining work after cancer, cardiac event etc to prevent these becoming major work related issues. I am competent at communicating with a wide range of parties to ensure successful outcomes are achieved for all and have an in depth understanding of the NZ health and disability systems, employment law and health and safety requirements. 

One particular strength is excellent communication with employers, ACC, MSD, and with GPs regarding medical certificates to ensure workers remain at work, safely and return to work promptly. This ensures a water tight approach to achieving successful and sustainable return to work outcomes. 

For company's where health and wellbeing is a major focus, I can provide a tailored and hands on training and education programme in a wide range of health and wellness topics. I graduated in Occupational Therapy from Otago, New Zealand in the early 1990’s however have since returned to study to complete a Masters of Occupational Therapy, with a focus on managing chronic illnesses (including infectious disease) in the workplace.

HASANZ Registered
  • Occupational Therapy New Zealand - Whakaora Ngangahau Aotearoa
  • Occupational Therapy New Zealand
    Canterbury Safety Charter
    Canterbury Chamber of Commerce
  • Master of Occupational Therapy
    Post Graduate Diploma of Occupational Therapy
    Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
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